Entering Notes with the Midi Keyboard
  1. Choose the Insertion tool from the NoteAbility Tool Palette located at the top of the score window.
  2. Select the desired note duration from the Note Palette or type the corresponding note Command (eg. q, e)
  3. Play a note or chord on your MIDI keyboard.

A MIDI keyboard can be used to specify the pitch, with the Current Command indicating the note duration (or sequence of tied notes) and the Entry Cursor determining the beat position. This is commonly known as MIDI step-time recording. The new notes are not added to the score until the key on the MIDI keyboard is released so that you may hold down several notes at the same time to create chords.

- A MIDI keyboard with must be connected to your computer and configured as a MIDI input device in the Midi Ports panel before MIDI input can be used.

- When using step-time recording, make sure you clearly separate the notes when playing. If a second key is depressed before the previous one is released, the two will be formed into a chord.

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