Custom Staves Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Custom Staves... from the Tools menu.

The Custom Staves panel displays controls that allow you to design, save and load custom staves. Custom staves are useful for percussion parts (which might have non-standard arrangements of lines) and for creating staves with coloured lines or a coloured background. Up to 4 custom staves can be used in each score and staff configurations can be saved and loaded into other scores.

This panel allows you to set the position of lines by clicking on the small squares along the left side of the display -- this will cause the associated line to be turned on or off. The clef is shown for reference only since the actual staff may or may not have the same clef. If desired you can change the staff colour by clicking on the border around the Line Colour well (which causes the Color Panel to appear) or by dragging a colour swatch into the colour well. The background colour can also be set - this colour appears between the top and bottom lines in the staff and can be semi-transparent or opaque.

Once your staff configuration is complete, you can set it as one of the four staves available in your score -- click on the appropriate Set button located at the bottom left corner of the panel. Once set, this staff will be available as one of the options in the Staff Lines pane of the Score Structure panel. Set your custom staves in your score the same way you would set any staff - you can change the entire staff or change it from the position of the Entry Cursor.

As an example, I have created a percussion staff with following configuration of lines (the line colour is green and the background is a semi-transparent light green).

After I click on the Set #1 In Score button, the custom staff appears near the end of the staff line options in the Staff Line pane:

I can now use this staff in my score, as in the example below:

To load a staff configuration into the Custom Staff panel, click on the Load buttons located at the bottom-right corner of the panel. This is useful for altering existing custom staves or for loading custom staff configurations from one score so you can set it in a different score.

If you want to save your custom staves in a file so they can be loaded into other scores at a later time, click on the Save Staff File button and save the configuration as a file on your hard drive. To load a previously saved staff configuration, click on the Load Staff File button and locate the saved file.

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