Document Size Panel
  1. Choose Format in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Change Document Size... from the Format menu.

The Document Size panel allows you to change the page dimensions of your document. You can set the new size either with the sliders or by typing new values in the text fields followed by Return. The measurement unit (eg. inches, centimeters) used in this panel is taken from your settings in the Preferences application. Click on the Change Document Size button after settng the new page height and width. The current margins are retained as is the distance between staves in the system. If the page is made taller or shorter, the distance between systems is increased or decreased. Changes to the document width cause the rhythmic spine to expand or compress on each system.

- After changing the document page size, you may have to adjust the printing reduction or enlargement using the Page Setup panel.

Increasing the document size and then reducing the print precentage is a good way of creating a less dense score - you should consider doing this if you find that notes become too close to one another on the page.

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