~list of works


What Does a Body Know? (2009) 12 min.
Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DIVA) and sound files
Premiere: January 2009, Marguerite Witvoet DIVA, Bob Pritchard diffusion
Motion Capture Symposium, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

Beneath the Skin (2006) 12.5 min.
cello, sound files, video clips, and Max/MSP audio and video processing
Premiere: September 2006, Roberta Bottelli,
Sound Extensions, Vancouver, B.C.

Strength (2006) 12 min.
alto saxophone, video, and Max/MSP audio processing
Premiere: July 2006, Julia Nolan,
World Saxophone Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Breathe On Me (2004) 13 min.
accordion and interactive audio and video processing
Premiere: August 2004, Joseph Petric,
Festival Vancouver, Vancouver. B.C.

Escape My Soul (1996) 13 min.
bass flute and interactive electronics
Premiere: March 1996, Katheryn Cernauskas, Vancouver New Music Society, Vancouver. B.C.

Face Off (1990)
Real-time interactive performance piece/game for two
MIDI-LAN Macintosh computers and synthesizers.
Premiere: 1990, Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouver New Music Society


Twisted Mirror, Shattered Dream (1993)
CD Release, Discontact 6.2, Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 1992.

Flight Paths (1988)
Premiere: 1989 University of British Columbi


The Aurora on All Three Channels (2000)
Sound Sculpture Installation. Collaboration by Richard Prince, Ed Casas, David Floren, Keith Hamel and Bob Pritchard.
Premiere: Feb. 8 - March 19, 2000 MacLaren Art Centre. Barrie, Ont.

Escarpment Series (1984)
Three touch-sensitive sound sculptures. Collaboration with M. Kropf.
Premiere: September 21, 1984, Arts and Sciences Festival, North Bay, Ontario.

Movement (1983)
Installation for drawings and tape loops.
Collaboration with R. Creighton.
Premiere: December 2, 1983, Hamilton Artists, Inc., Hamilton, Ontario.
Commissioned by R. Creighton, Ontario Arts Council

Soundscape for "La Maison" (1984)
Installation work by Carol Bretzloff, Suzanne
Joubert, Jane Martin, Merijean Morrissey, and Susan Geraldine Taylor.
Premiere: February 12, 1985, UQAM Gallery, Montréal, Québec.

Soundscape for "Waltzing Tent, Singing Box" (1983)
Installation work by Anne Severs
Premiere: April 5, 1983. The Gallery, Brock Centre for the Arts


Desert Streams (1993) 10 min.
Premiere: January 16 - 18, 1993, Penticton, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kelowna
Okanagan Symphony, Leonard Camplin, conductor.

Diedres (1982) 10 min.
2332/4231/timpani, percussion, strings.

Out of the Mouths (rev. 1984) 10 min.
2222/2200/timpani, percussion, strings.
Premiere: August 8, 1994, Banff, Alberta,
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Victor Feldbrill, conductor.

Out Of the Mouths (1980) 10 min.
String orchestra.

Orchestra with Soloist(s)

Love Me Rite (1994) 3 min.
Soprano, double string quartet, and big band.
Written for The Elvis Cantata.
Premiere: September 24, 1994, St. Andrew's-Wesley Church, Vancouver, B.C.
Hard Rubber Orchestra, John Korsrud, conductor,
Cathy Pedersen, soprano.

Swallow, Egg, Chrysanthemum (1992) 17 min.
Solo piano, orchestra.


I/You Have Wounded My Heart (2002) 12 min.
Clarinet, violin, 'cello, piano, and percussion.
Premiere: November 17, 2002, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, B.C.
Standing Wave Ensemble

...flow mingled down (2002) 17 min.
Grand piano/mistuned upright and percussion
Premiere: October 19, 2002, The Music Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Barbara Pritchard, piano; Beverley Johnston, percussion

Begin the Begame (2000) 3 min.
Big band and skaters.
Written for the ice age.
Premiere: April 15, 2000 Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, B.C.
Hard Rubber Orchestra, John Korsrud, conductor

When the walls are all screaming (1993) 10 min.
Soprano, piano, and soundfiles.
Premiere: May 17, 1993, Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Ontario
B. Hannigan, soprano; Barbara Pritchard, piano.

Postcards From Our Futures (1989) 9 min.
Piano and soundfiles.
Premiere: Convergence, 1990 Canadian Electrocacoustic Community Conference, Banff, Alberta
Barbara Pritchard, piano; Bob Pritchard, diffusion

Classique 625 (1987) 17 min.
String quartet.
Premiere: September 25, 1987, START Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario
Cartier String Quartet

Interiors (1985)
Tenor recorder.
Premiere: January 31, 1985, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Peter Hannan, recorder.

Steel On Edge (1982)
Viola, harp, tape
Premiere: January 20, 1983, Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
Doug Perry, viola; Charlotte Moon, harp.



Time Clips, Primitive (1993) 9 min.
Piano solo.
Premiere: Nov. 2, 1993, Jane Mallet Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto, Ontario,
Jane Coop, piano.

Conjunctions (1991) 2 min.
Piano solo.
Premiere: February 6, 1992, The Music Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Barbara Pritchard, piano.

Meditation (1986) 7 min.
Organ solo.
Premiere: May 4, 1986, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver,
at Morning Prayer with the Prince and Princess of Wales.



Three Songs of Life (2000)
Text by Bob Pritchard
for Women's Choir and Handbells
SSAA chorus, handbells.
Premiere: March 17, 2000, Ryerson United Church, Vancouver New Music Society, Vancouver, B.C.
Owen Underhill, conductor: [Premiere (Resurrections): Elektra Women's Choir, Diane Loomer, conductor.]

for SSA children's choir
Text by Jennifer Lockie

Three Songs: Snow, Night, A Kind of Feast
Texts by Anne Hebert, translated by Alan Brown
Premiere: November 23, 1989, University of British Columbia Recital Hall, Vancouver, B.C.
University Singers, James Fankhauser, Conductor.