Speech Recognition Controls
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Speech Panel... from the Tools menu.

Speech Recognition allows you to use voice commands to interact with NoteAbilityPro using your computer's built-in microphone and a microphone attached to your audio interface. Words, phrases or sounds can be linked to NoteAbility commands or actions. When NoteAbilityPro is started up, Speech Recognition is disabled; if you want to enable it, check the Speech On/Off box which appears at the bottom of the score window:

On --- Off

The Speech Controls... menu item brings up a panel which allows your speech recognition dictionary to be edited and saved. This dictionary matches spoken phrases with the commands or action which will result when the spoken phrase is detected. Although the Speech Recognition software is designed only to recognize English, it will recognize other languages provide they are entered using English phonetic spelling.

The first row of settings are shortcuts for typing commands - they set (or add to) the current command, while the second row of settings link phrases or words to actions (such as Undo or Add Sharp). Only the settings which are checked are currently active. Once you have set your dictionary with the desired words or phrases, and decided which dictionary elements to enable, click on the Set Speech Dictionary button. If you want to save your settings or load previous settings, use the Load or Save buttons. A saved dictionary stores all the phrases you have set along with an indication of whether they are turned on or not.

- When the Speech Recognizer matches a phrase, a short sound is played to indicate that NoteAblity has responded to the command.

- While the speech dictionary can be very useful, you should remember that the more choices the Speech Recognizer has, the more likely it is to choose incorrectly. For this reason, you may find that keeping the dictionary small (i.e. with relatively few commands and actions enabled) will produce more reliable results.

- The default location of the Speech dictionary can be set using the Other tab in the NoteAbility Preferences panel.

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