Max Settings Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Max Settings... from the Tools menu.

The Max Settings panel is used if you want to create Max qlists or Max detonate objects to be used in the Max/MSP program developed at IRCAM, Opcode Music, and Cycle74 Inc. Max/MSP is an interactive music environment which runs on Macintosh computers (Max), in java under linux (JMax) and on Next computers (FTS-Max). Those who are unfamiliar with Max/MSP can ignore this panel.

The series of check boxes sets which kinds of NoteAbility images will be converted into qLists if a Copy All Types command is issued (and the Max qlist type is set in the Copy Type panel) or if a Save To... Max qlist is performed. The Use Score Tempo button determines whether the score tempo is used (rather than mm. 60). The Time settings determine whether delta times are used between events (this is normal in max qlists) and whether milliseconds or floating point seconds are used for the timing information.

The Generate Detonate Code is checked if you want to create Detonate code rather than qlist code (in a Copy All Command.)

The example below shows a score fragment with the corresponding Max qlist (with delta times in milliseconds and at a tempo of a quarter note = 120)

startMax bang;
459 ;
note 76 80 4 62;
532 ;
note 71 80 4 62;
422 ;
note 73 80 4 62;
293 ;
note 67 80 4 62;
202 ;
note 62 80 4 62;
703 ;
setVol 80;
setChan 4;
1016 ;
note 75 80 4 2000;
note 71 80 4 2000;
note 64 80 4 2000;
note 57 80 4 2000;

- The Max qlist and explode pasteboard type is ASCII text, so the data can be pasted into any text application.

- For the complete details on how Max qlists are implemented in NoteAbilityPro contact Opus 1 Music, Inc.

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