Hide NoteAbility Pro

To hide the NoteAbilityPro application, choose Hide NoteAbilityPro from the NoteAbilityPro menu.

To make NoteAbilityPro visible again, double-click the NoteAbilityPro application icon on the Dock (N.B. the Dock is the row of icons at the bottom of your screen - running applications have a triangle at the bottom of their icon).

To hide (i.e. miniaturize) a single file rather than the entire application, either:

When the file is miniaturized, an icon for the file is added to the Dock. To make the file visible again single-click the icon (representing the file) which is now located on the Dock.

- Hiding NoteAbility removes all its windows from view while NoteAbility continues to run. When you unhide NoteAbility, all its windows reappear and the application is activated.

- If you log out while there are hidden applications still running, you will be prompted to save changes to all unsaved files before quitting and logging out.

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