Entering Chords

When more than one note is entered at the same beat location and in the same voice, NoteAbility creates a chord. Chords can be built at any time and in any order. You can enter a single line then go back to the beginning and enter a second layer of notes or you can enter a single note and immediately return to the previous beat position and add the next note of the chord.

First note added - Entry Cursor repositioned - Second note added

To return to the previous beat position either:

When chords are built, the stem direction and notehead position (on the right or left of the stem) is automatically calculated.

When different rhythmic values are used in a chord, the smallest rhythmic value is generally used when the chord becomes part of a beam. In the example below, a layer of eighth notes was entered followed by a layer of quarter notes, then a layer of sixteenth notes.

- Even though all notes in the above example appear as sixteenth notes, the original durations are retained and are used during playback or if the file is exported as a Standard MIDI file.

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