NoteAbility Pro Definitions

The following definitions refer to the NoteAbilityPro data structure and the way that images are organized in a NoteAbilityPro document.

Music Structure The structure of staves, measure and beats on which music images are placed. The music structure can be altered, but its components cannot be cut and pasted.
Music ImageAn object placed on the music structure at a beat location and associated with a staff. All music images can be adjusted, moved, cut, copied or pasted.
SystemA group of staves that are intended to be played at the same time. Staves in the system are often joined by braces and barlines.
Staff IDA number which identifies a particular staff across systems which may have different numbers of staves. The Staff ID appears at the right edge of the staff.
Rhythmic Spinethe horizontal position of measures, beats and subbeats in each system. All images are aligned to the rhythmic spine and their horizontal position is adjusted when the spine is altered.
Staff AssociationEach music image is associated with a staff. When the vertical position of the staff is altered, the position of the image is adjusted with the staff.
VoiceEach music image belongs to a voice. There are normally three voices available on each staff - one with stems in both directions, one with stems up, and one with stems down.
StepThe vertical distance from a staff line to the staff space above or below.
NoteA music image with a specific beat location and duration.
ChordA group of notes in the same voice at the same beat location are formed into a chord.
Beam groupa series of notes, chords and/or rests that belong to the same voice and are joined together by a beam.
Tuplet groupa series of notes, chords and/or rests that belong to the same voice and form a tuplet group.
Control PointThe handles by which images are moved and adjusted. All images have 1, 2 or 3 control points. The main control point is the main drawing position of the image (eg. the notehead of a note). The other Control Points are used for adjusting the size or shape of the images.

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