Custom Notehead Panel
  1. Choose Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Custom Noteheads... from the Tools menu.

The Custom Noteheads panel displays controls that allow you to design, save and load custom noteheads. Custom noteheads can be created from any graphic file of any size. Collections of noteheads are saved with your score and can also be saved and loaded into other scores.

This panel allows you to drag a graphic file onto the panel (into the drag area on the right side of the panel). Your graphic image can be in any compatible format (including PDF) and it is best if it has a transparent background.

Once a graphic image has been dragged into the drag area located at the right side of the panel, the image is displayed as noteheads in the image display window:

You can now alter the scale of the image (using the slider) and adjust the position offsets so that the notehead is connected to the stem and positioned on the staff the way you want. In this example the image size was reduced to 46% and the positions adjusted so that the graphic begins at the stem both for upward and downward stems.

Once you have adjusted the relative placement of the image, connect it to the score by clicking on on of the buttons at the bottom of the panel - Set #n in Score. This will link this graphic as one of the possible 48 noteheads available in the score. The graphic is now attached to the corresponding button on the right side of the panel.

Whenever you want to change a notehead in this score, select the note and click on the desired button on this panel. The example below shows the notehead altered to use graphic we just created:

Collections of noteheads can be saved as separate files and then loaded into other scores. To do this use the Save NoteHead File and Load Notehead Files buttons. The Update From Score button can be used to load the existing noteheads from the active score should you want to add more noteheads or save those noteheads so you can use them in another score.

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