Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts on a connected or typewriter keyboard can dramatically increase the speed of note entry and editing in NAPro. A large number of keyboard shortcuts have been added to the program and these can be reviewed by holding down the Command key on the keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts are listed below:

The following keys are used with keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘ - Command Key
  • ⇧ - Shift Key
  • ⌃ - Control Key
  • ⌥ - Option Key
  • ↑ - Up Arrow (Cursor)
  • ↓ - Down Arrow (Cursor)
  • ← - Left Arrow (Cursor)
  • → - Right Arrow (Cursor)
  • ⌫ - Delete/Backspace
  • ␢ - Space bar
  • ⎋ - Escape key

File and Panel Shortcuts

KeyCommand Description
⌘ NNew Score- brings up the New Score panel
⇧⌘ NNew Custom Score- brings up the Custom Score panel
⌘ OOpen- open a new score
⌘ SSave- save the score using its current file name
⇧⌘ SSave As- save the score with a new file
⌘ PPrint Setup- displays the print setup panel
⇧⌘ PPrint- prints the current score
⌘ KKeyboard- displays/hides the on-screen Keyboard
⇧⌘ XExtract Parts- displays the part extraction panel
⌘ MMidi Recorder- displays the Midi Recorder panel
⌃ PPreferences- displays the Preference panel

Editing Shortcuts

KeyCommand Description
Mode Switch- Switch between Insert and Edit modes
⌘ ZUndo- undo the last change to the score
⇧⌘ ZRedo- redo the last undo in the score
Delete- deletes notes or last image entered
⌘ XCut- cut selected notes or last image entered
⌘ CCopy- copy selected notes or last image entered
⌘ VPaste- paste copied/cut images into score
⇧⌘ VReplicate- exact paste copied/cut images into score
Shift Up- moves selected images up one staff space
Shift Down- moves selected images down one staff space
Shift Left- moves selected images to the left
Shift Right- moves selected images to the right

Modifying Images Shortcuts

KeyCommand Description
1Slur Notes- slur selected notes or last note entered
2Add Articulation- add last articulation to selected notes
3Semitone Above- adjust notes with accidental 1 semitone higher
4Semitone Below- adjust notes with accidental 1 semitone lower
⌘ RInsert Rest- insert rest using current note value
⌘ BBeam Notes- beam selected notes
⌘ 2Double Sharp- add double sharp to selected notes
⌘ 3Sharp- add sharp to selected notes
⌘ 4Natural- add natural to selected notes
⌘ 5Flat- add flat to selected notes
⌘ 6Double Flat- add double flat to selected notes

Working in the Score

KeyCommand Description
Play- plays (or stops) the entire score
⇧␢Play From- plays (or stops) the score starting from EC
gStep Back- moves Entry Cursor back to previous note
⇧←Shift EC Left- moves Entry Cursor to the left
⇧→Shift EC Right- moves Entry Cursor to the right
⇧↑Shift EC Up- moves Entry Cursor to the staff above
⇧↓Shift EC Down- moves Entry Cursor to the staff below
⌘←Previous Page- move to previous score page
⌘→Next Page- move to next score page
⌘,Add Staccato- add staccato to selected notes
⇧⌘.Add Accent- add accent to selected notes
⌘/Add Tenuto- add tenuto to selected notes
⌘'Add Staccatissimo- add spike accent to selected notes
Add Marcato- add marcato accent to selected notes

Entering Images

KeyCommand Description
nEnter Notes- switch to insert notes mode
rEnter Rests- switch to insert rests mode
lEngage Link- engage the note or rest link button
dDouble Whole- selects double whole note or rest
wWhole Note/Rest- selects whole note or rest
hHalf Note/Rest- selects half note or rest
qQuarter Note/Rest- selects quarter note or rest
eEighth Note/Rest- selects eighth note or rest
s16th Note/Rest- selects sixteenth note or rest
t32nd Note/Rest- selects thirty-second note or rest
t64th Note/Rest- selects sixty-fourth note or rest
,Add Dot- engage dot button (notes and rests)
[Add Triplet- engage triplet button
]Add Quintuplet- engage quintuplet button
fEnter Dynamics- switch to dynamics mode
zEnter Text- switch to text mode
aEnter Graphics- switch to graphics mode

When entering notes or rests, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to create a sequence of tied notes or a series of rests. For example, if you type the following:"nhle":

  1. "n" - switches you to enter note mode if you are not already in it
  2. "h" - selects the half note button
  3. "l" - engages the note link button
  4. "e" - selects the eighth note button

then touch the screen or the on-screen keyboard - the following notes will be entered into the score:

Then type the following keyboard command" "relq":

  1. "r" - switches you to enter rest mode
  2. "e" - selects the eighth rest button
  3. "l" - engages the rest link button
  4. "q" - selects the quarter rest button

then touch the screen - the following rests will be entered into the score:

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