Keyboard Entry

The Keyboard is made visible by touching the keyboard icon on the Main Toolbar.

The keyboard is the primary method for entering notes into the score. It can also be used to insert rests (using the Add Rest button in the top right corner of the panel) but other images must be added directly onto the score by placing and dragging the image to the desired location.

The visible area of the keyboard can be altered by swiping the keyboard or dragging the blue area in the scroll area above the keyboard. Each octave above and below Middle C [MC] is marked on the keyboard.

Entering Notes with the Keyboard

  1. All regular notes and rests are entered at the position of the Entry Cursor, so you must make sure the Entry Cursor is located at the correct measure, beat and staff. If the Entry Cursor is not in the correct location drag it or use the Entry Cursor controls on the Tools Palette to move it to the correct measure and beat position.
  2. In the Variable Image Palette, select the note type you want to enter in the score. If the notes types are not visible, select the Note button from the Tools Palette.
  3. Touch the keyboard at the desired pitch. While your finger is touching the iPad, you may shift to different notes. Each black key can be used to enter either a sharp or a flat depending on the location you are touching - the sharp (such as F#) will be selected if your finger is in the lower half of the key and the flat (such as Gb) will be selected if your finger is in the upper half of the key. Once you have the desired pitch, release your finger.
  4. Repeat the process, changing rhythmic values as needed. If you need to enter a rest, you can use the Add Rest button which will insert a rest equal in value to the current note value. If you want to shift back to the previous beat position (when creating a chord) use the Jump Back button located in the top-left corner of the keyboard panel.

Jump Back --- Add Rest

- Notes will normally be beamed automatically when entered. All images can later be altered by moving to Select Mode and adjusting individual images or groups of images.

- If an incorrect note has been entered you can either adjust it with the Vertical Adjustment buttons in the Tools Palette or you can touch the Undo button to remove the note from the score.

- You can use the Slur Notes button to slur the current note to the previous note (or to include the current note in the previous slurred passage. Alternatively, you can add slurs at a later time.

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