NoteAbility Pro has had a long history. It was first designed for the NeXT computer in 1992, ported to Macintosh OS-X and eventually to the IPad. Along the way a number of people have generously provided code or programming concepts that have made their way into the program.

The MusicKit developed for Next Computers by David Jaffe and Julius Smith was used for playback scheduling and for many of the score and MIDI structures. Additional MusicKit code was developed by Doug Keisler, Lee Boynton, Leigh Smith and Stephen Brandon All the MusicKit code was eventually replaced by my own scaled-down versions of their classes, but my classes were all based on the excellent work of these other developers.

Like most programmers, I rely on code fragments and classes that were downloaded from the internet and free to include in NAPro in accordance with the owners' copyright agreements. The following code made its way into one or several versions of NAPro:

  • Code for custom segmented controls was written by Peter Boctor (© 2011).
  • Design and code for a number the iPad interfaces was written by Martin Ritter (© 2012).
  • Date Helper code was written by Billy Gray (© 2009)
  • Some of the code for networking support was written by Steve Harris (© 2004)
  • Some file scanning code was written by Remy Demarest (© 2010)
  • MusicXML code was written by GRAME - Dominique Fober, Stephane Lenz, Yann Orlarey (© 2003, 2007)
  • Guido parsers was written by Holger Hoos (© 2000, 2006)
  • Image View code was written by Nigel Barber of MindBrix Limited (© 2011)
  • Color Picker code was written by Tory Gaul of InfinitApps (© 2011)

Free Sound Fonts were used in NAPro and I acknowledge and thank the designers of these sound libraries which are available under the Create Commons licence and other licence agreements:

  • Virtual Playing Orchestra - Paul Battersby - link
  • Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra - Mattias Westlund - link
  • VSCO 2 Community Edition - link
  • University of Iowa Electronic Music - link
  • stamperadam - link
  • Philharmonia Orchestra - link
  • AVL DrumKits - Glen MacArthur - link
  • Emu Systems and Creative Labs - link

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