NoteAbility Lite

NoteAbility Lite is a scaled down and simplified version of the NoteAbilityPro music notation program. It was developed by Dr. Keith Hamel at the University of British Columbia for use in the U.B.C. School of Music Theory courses and is available as Freeware.

Score created using NoteAbility Lite are restricted to four staves and the program has a relatively limited palette of musical symbols available. It is, therefore, adequate for musical exercises, but not for creating complete scores or for complex musical notation. For these tasks, you should use NoteAbility Pro.

NoteAbility Lite is a standalone application that uses Quicktime Musical Instruments for score playback, and prints to all standard printers.

NoteAbility Lite is maintained by the University of British Columbia Theory Department. Their web site contains a list of system requirements, download and installation instructions, as well as help files and tutorials, To download a free copy of NoteAbilityLite for Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT or for Macintosh (OS 7.5 - 9.2), visit the:

U.B.C. School of Music Theory Department Website.

Since NoteAbilityLite is still in development, the program expires at the end of the each school year. When the program expires, you should download and install the most recent version of the program.

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